Welcome to the BakeHouse. I'm a Traditional European Sourdough Bread Baker specializing in naturally leavened breads which I bake in my Alan Scott wood fired oven. My passion is to create breads that are reminiscent of the European Village Bakers from long ago - so from my Hearth to your Home - thank you for stopping by.

A humble thank you to Brian Yarvin at for the gracious review he has given the BakeHouse.  May it be an encouragement to all of us who are craftspeople tending to the art of creating bread that feeds the body and soul. And if your so inclined, CLICK HERE and take some time to read this well written article celebrating the tradesman. 

About Our Bread
We use a sourdough starter which has developed over time. It contains natural yeast strains and good bacteria which ferment together to create the unique flavor of our bread. This process is what creates the leavening for our bread. Since Sourdough is a living colony of microorganisms, it is fed daily with flour and water.
Our hand crafted bread takes time. From start to finish it can take between 24 to 30 hours to produce a loaf of bread. The fermentation process of the dough is it’s natural preservative. An interesting side note: As wonderful as fresh, warm bread right out of the oven can be, it does develop another wonderful layer of flavor and texture if left to cool completely before cutting.

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